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Please feel free to try out the TruePianos audio and video demonstrations on this page.

  Demonstration videos
Watch video tutorials as well as demonstrations from the users' point of view.
In this video Dave Rich talks about TruePianos and demonstrates how it's different from conventional piano libraries out there.
Christian Teuscher is playing the recently released TruePianos 2.0 tech preview module Atlantis.     
  Solo performances
Listen to music demonstrating TruePianos as a solo instrument
You Needed Me
Wonderfull interpretation of 'You Needed Me' by piano virtuous Jan Vayne.
 Jan Vayne    03:37        Website  
Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No 15
Performed by Robert Finley using the TruePianos Amber module with v1.4 engine reverb.
 Robert Finley    06:11        Website  
Under the Cloudy Skies
A short improvisation using the TruePianos Sapphire module with v1.4 engine reverb
 George Yohng    01:32        Website  
Debussy - Ballade Slave
Performed by Robert Finley, featuring TruePianos Sapphire module using v1.4 engine reverb.
 Robert Finley    04:08        Website  
Debussy - Arabesque No.1
Performed by Robert Finley, featuring TruePianos Sapphire module.
 Robert Finley    02:46        Website  
Lively piece performed by Steve Shuler
 Steve Shuler    03:18        Website  
Chopin - Etude in C sharp min Op10
Excellent performance of Chopin Etude by classical performer Robert Finley using TruePianos Emerald.
 Robert Finley    02:08        Website  
  TruePianos in a mix
Listen to TruePianos in a mix
A beautiful musical conversation between TruePianos Diamond and a Cello.
 Kevin B. Selby    04:47        Website  
A short bright orchestral story featuring TruePianos Diamond.
 Luca Thomas    02:11        Website  
Inside a Heart
Meditative style song using the TruePianos Sapphire module in combination with v1.4 engine reverb at high settings.
 Reflekshun    09:52        Website  
The Way It Is
The Way It Is as performed by the Dave Rich Band using TruePianos as the lead instrument. This track is part of the freely downloadable 'Caesar Salad' CD, a tribute to the music of Bruce Hornsby.
 Dave Rich Band    03:25        Website  
The Sentinel
The Sentinel featuring the TruePianos Diamond module performed by Kerry Livgren from his Collector's Sedition: Director's Cut album.
 Kerry Livgren    07:33        Website  
Simply Falling
A partial song from the Dave Rich Band's debut album called 'OverLoad' featuring TruePianos Diamond.
 Dave Rich Band    02:05        Website  
Rain Sequel
A far too short sequel to Kevin's wonderful Rain using TruePianos Diamond
 George Yohng    01:18        Website  
Don't Look Back
Expressive usage of TruePianos Diamond in an arrangement.
 Reflekshun    02:21        Website  
Christmas Time
Let's go Jazz. Now this really shows what TruePianos is meant for. Diamond and Emerald modules.
 Simeon Amburgey    01:49        Website  
Deadly Montuno Infection
Interesting tune using TruePianos Diamond and TruePianos Emerald.
 Greg Schlaepfer    04:49        Website  


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