For virtuosi...

When instrument blends transparently with musician's hands, reality becomes music.

TruePianos virtual instrument was designed with exactly this in mind giving inspiration an instant GO as soon as you touch the keyboard.

Following tradition, we optimized the instrument for real-time performance. The CPU usage does not cross the borders even for 96khz host sampling rates, and for advanced polyphony we support multi-core CPUs, spreading load symmetrically.

TruePianos includes multiple modules and offers intuitive control to match your playing style.

The full version of TruePianos currently contains five piano modules with a multitude of presets, and also comes with one year of free upgrades and e-mail support.

Within the support period our customers are also entitled for all additionally released TruePiano modules free of charge.

True Piano, True Pianos and TruePiano are alternative spelling of our product, which are also valid.
TruePianos 1.9.5 maintenance release  Oct 22 2012
Release features:
  • Fixed crashes when bouncing audio with Atlantis module under some hosts (SONAR X2).
  • Performance improvements (slight reduction in CPU usage).
Please note, PPC is no longer supported for Mac OS X. Older version downloads are available for PPC users.

For the registered customers, the update is available immediately from the customer area of this site.
TruePianos Lite for V-Machine 1.9.5 released !  Jun 26 2012
TruePianos 1.9.4 maintenance release  Jun 6 2012
TruePianos 1.9.3 for Windows and Mac OS X released !  Dec 4 2011
TruePianos 1.9.2 release  Aug 9 2011
TruePianos 1.9.1 maintenance release  Mar 14 2011
New TruePianos 1.9.0 for Windows and Mac OS X released !  Dec 22 2010
TruePianos 1.5.0 for Windows, Mac OS X and Receptor released!  Sep 16 2009
4Front TruePianos discount for Cakewalk SONAR customers.  Oct 8 2008
TruePianos 1.4.0 for Windows and Mac OS X released!  Jul 28 2008
TruePianos 1.0.2 for Windows and Mac OS X released!  Oct 15 2007
4Front TruePianos & discoDSP Discovery Pro cross discount.  Aug 01 2007
TruePianos 1.0.1 for Windows and Mac OS X released!  Jun 12 2007
4Front TruePianos & Rayzoon Jamstix cross discount.  Feb 01 2007
TruePianos 1.0 released!  Jan 19 2007


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